Cuatl - MZ4250 - 25mm Tabletop Miniature - Unpainted

Cuatl - MZ4250 - 25mm Tabletop Miniature - Unpainted

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This listing is for a high-quality resin-printed miniature. All models come unpainted, and the miniature may require some assembly.

- Models are printed to 25mm scale.
- This model comes with the base built into the model
- If you would like to scale the miniature larger, it can be done for an extra cost.

Please note: these are resin-printed products. They are suitable for gameplay but must be handled with care.

As with all 3D Printed models, some minor flaws and cleanup may be required.

We process all of our orders in the order we receive them, as such, we may require some time before being able to dispatch depending on the stock we have available. We do our best to ship as soon as possible, but if it may take longer than the posted processing time we will notify you.

We have a merchant licence to produce and sell these prints granted by the content creators, MZ4250.