Drakkenheart Adventurer's Guild

A dusty bell rings above your head as you swing open the door and enter a dingy and unassuming shop. Ahead of you is a squat, broad-shouldered Dwarven man with a stubbly crown of hair atop his head that looks a few days overdue for a shave and a long, reddish-brown beard that transitions to black at the center beneath his chin standing behind the counter. His back is to you as he tinkers with several machines slowly pulling objects from vats of liquid or spinning creations from long threads of some unknown material.

As you peer around, scanning the room, your eyes pitch on shelves filled with a wide assortment of small, colorful trinkets, small figurines of people, animals, and strange creatures, bookshelves filled with dusty old tomes, and miniature dioramas of cities, towns and dungeons.

The Dwarf turns around, and his eyes light up with excitement, “Welcome! Welcome, to the Drakkenheart Adventurer’s Guild! The name’s Reuben; what can I do ya for my friend?”